March 6, 2009

Thesis Complete!

My PhD thesis is printed, collected, signed, collated with CD-ROMs and paperwork, packaged up and posted. So the thesis is now complete, at my end anyway. Hopefully. I’ll be absolutely sure when I have word back from Canberra that they got it okay and I did all the admin correctly.

This means, PhD wise, there’s nothing more to do until it is examined. In a few months time I’ll get back a report, which will probably have a whole bunch of corrections to make. If it goes well, the suggested corrections will be “minor”, which means the examiners don’t want to see it again… which effectively means I pass. If “major” corrections are needed, I’ll need to resubmit… which isn’t really a fail, but it means I’ll be sweating for months doing serious PhD work. Not good. If they really hate it, then I’m in big trouble. I doubt it’ll be that bad, but fingers crossed anway.

I should now be free to worry about new, 2009 business things, rather than finishing old 2008 things now. One less thing to worry about, but replaced with several dozen more. ;)

PS. Why did I never create a PhD category on this blog? This will have to go under Real Life, as it’s too late to add one in now.

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4 Comments on Thesis Complete!

March 7, 2009

Drilian @ 5:10 am:

Congratulations (for now) on your PhD thesis near-completion!

Thanks! It’s good that it’s effectively all over, for now. I haven’t really learned anything new in the last six months; it’s all been writing and editing.

March 9, 2009

David McGraw @ 4:11 pm:

What a huge accomplishment! Congratulations, you definitely deserve it. Hopefully things will go seemingly smooth and you’ll pass with flying colors.

March 10, 2009

David "Trapper Zoid" @ 12:25 pm:

We’ll see! I’ve got word that they’ve received the disserations, so at least I know now it’s in the system.

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