January 27, 2009

Data Backup Addendum

In answer to the backup problem, I ended up buying two Maxtor 500GB external hard drives for A$100 each. The backup of the Time Capsule seems to be working, although I’ve only done a cursory check so far as to the data integrity. I’ll need to figure out the best way of double checking the backups are fine - they’re no use if they are corrupted.

All goes to plan, then I’ll have more than enough copies of my work - my iMac hard drive, the Time Capsule archive, two backups of the archive on external hard drives, and the occasional DVD-ROM I burn of my workspace directory. Even in the case of a major disaster I should have a working backup from which to pick up the pieces.

I’ll make a post later or tomorrow about what I’ll be working on next. The weather might become an issue. The room I work in is a giant heat trap, and Melbourne is currently scheduled for the hottest week in a century, apparently. I’m only one stupidly hot day in to the heatwave and its hot and stuffy - if it doesn’t cool down overnight, by Thursday it’ll be like an oven in here

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