December 20, 2008

So Very Close to Done It Doesn’t Make Much Difference

I can now change my Ph.D. thesis completion status from “Almost Done” to “So Very Close to Done It Doesn’t Make Much Difference”. All I’ve got left to do is a few minor edits, one more check from my supervisor (I hope), and it’s off to the printers. Since everyone is away on holiday until January that means there is no real rush to finish, so I can kick back and enjoy the holidays.

Except I can’t. It doesn’t feel right unless I’m sitting at my desk in front of my computer. I think I’ve been at this a bit too long. I’ve got a bad case of internet addiction too. I might have to use the holiday break period to do some forcible changes to kick some bad habits.

Regardless of how set in stone some habits may be, I can now open the folder containing “to do” lists for post-Ph.D. plans. It is a rather jumbled mess of stuff I sketched down during the last year, but it will make a good list to begin with in 2009. I can start get serious about programming and art practice again, plus i can kick start some of my business ideas. I think it will take a week or two for me to shift mental gears. But it is good to be at this point, finally finally.

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