September 21, 2008

…And I’m back

I’ve made the trip to Melbourne successfully, at least by current assessments. Most of my life is still in boxes, but I’ve got my desk operational now so I’m back in business. I’ll be back to PhD work in a couple of hours.

I’m missing Canberra a little bit - it’s a nice town, and I’ll miss my friends there until we bump into each other again. Most people don’t seem to stay in Canberra for very long though, especially for research students, so my friends in my research lab will most likely scatter across the globe. I’ll have to keep tabs on the area to figure out where everyone ends up. But I grew up in Melbourne, so it’s nice to be back for a while. I’ll most likely stay in Melbourne for the short term, but I’ve got no idea where I’ll head eventually.

I’ve still got a bit more setting up to do, then I can get back to work.

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3 Comments on …And I’m back

September 22, 2008

David McGraw @ 1:42 pm:

It’s never fun leaving behind friends. Hopefully they are internet savvy and you are able to keep in touch easy. I lost almost all of the people I knew in High School, and the Marine Corps from having to move. Hardly anybody I know from the Marines even use computers. Sucks.

Good luck with setting up your new home!

Nearly all my friends are other graduate students so they’re all internet savvy. It was a matter of time before everyone scattered as we’re all students from around the world going for a higher degree - once that’s over we move on. I’m sure I’ll catch up with the ones who have ties to Melbourne though.

September 26, 2008

Chris @ 11:03 am:

yes .. occassionally I do use the internet :)

All the best with the final stages of writing up Dave! I’ll be keeping tabs on you via your blog … and when I find the time and motivation to write on mine again, you can keep track of me as well.


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