January 4, 2008

Macbook Saga Revisited

I got my MacBook Pro back yesterday with a new hard drive. With Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) and a copy of my applications installed it seems, but [i]not[/i] my project and work directories for some reason (which thankfully I’m mostly sure I’ve got backed up).

Since I only own Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) I decided to wipe the hard drive and start afresh (plus most of my apps did not like their forced change of OSes). But unfortunately, after I had a fresh install of Tiger I found that the new hard drive did not fix my problem - it still randomly reboots. So I’m without my MacBook Pro for a few more days at least.


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2 Comments on Macbook Saga Revisited

January 5, 2008

Steve @ 1:45 am:

Holy cripes, man. At this point I would be going out to buy a new one, or complaining to Apple to give you one (assuming they’re the ones who have been ‘repairing’ it). It’s unforgivable that they’ve taken this much time and have STILL not fixed the problem(s).

I know - I’m close to that. I’m probably a bit lenient in that it’s had two separate problems (except the second didn’t materialise until *after* they’d fixed the first one) and the guy I’m dealing with at the store is actually quite sympathetic. But if I don’t get my laptop back in a workable condition next week I’m going to ramp up my complaints to the next level.

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