December 3, 2007

Macless again for a week

I checked my MacBook Pro into the local Mac store for servicing. Taking into account the shipping time to the repair shop and waiting for parts and labour I reckon it might be away for a week. I could have shaved off a day or two by taking it to the repair shop myself, but I’m feeling mildly unwell today and don’t fancy driving to a place I’ve never been to while my head is swimming.

It’s a royal pain to not have my laptop for a week, as nearly all my work and hobbies either depend on it or work better with it. My note-taking software is all Mac OS only, and so is my Adobe Creative Suite. I’m considering getting an iMac in the New Year so I can have a Mac compatible desktop as well, but for now I’m back to my old tools. At least I don’t need much more than a text editor for writing documents, and I’m still happier using Inkscape than Illustrator so I can spend some time working on vector art. I haven’t been using my WinAMD desktop (what is the AMD equivalent of Wintel, anyway?) for more than a DVD player for a while, so I might be a bit rusty on things. I seem to have gotten used to having the menu at the top of the screen for starters.

Incidentally, while the Mac keyboard I bought for the weekend was expensive I found it really nice to type on. It might be because I haven’t tried many keyboard styles other than the standard ten year old model I’ve been using for my PCs since I started buying them, but the thin line keys work rather well. I can get a really zippy typing speed using it which I can’t match on my old Windows keyboard right now.

Now I’d better see what I can salvage from my backups off my laptop and see if I can get some work done today on this old thing.

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