November 24, 2007

Election Day 2007

It’s Election Day in Australia, and I’ve already done my civic duty as mandated by law (voting is practically compulsory in Australia; technically all you have to do is get your name crossed off the ballot sheet but you might as well vote while you’re there). The queue was massive, and due to the nature of Canberra there were an equal number of interstate voters to make things interesting for the officials.

I’m debating whether I’ll rock up to the tally room later this evening, but I’m doubting it. While it might be fun to drink in the presence of political celebrities and get caught live on multiple TV stations, it’s been a heavy week (I’m in the office right now on a Saturday) so I might collapse in front of the TV myself. I get a kick out of watching election day special reports; it’s like watching a hard core strategy game with endless stats - and the fate of a nation is at stake!

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