October 17, 2007

Poll Results: Most challenging 4E6 Element

The results for which 4E6 element is regarded as the most challenging:

  • Ponies: 4 votes

  • Accountants: 6 votes
  • Crystals: no votes
  • Explosions: 1 vote

As I expected, the opinion was split between ponies and accountants as to which is the trickiest, with accountants just tipping ahead. Interestingly there was a late vote for explosions, which I also think the difficulty of including has been understated by those posting in the GameDev forums. I’ll post a more detailed view of what I think about these four elements over at my GameDev.net journal in a little while.

The new poll is now up. I’m interested in seeing what toy and game preferences people have, as there’s a whole world of play that doesn’t involve staring at a luminescent screen.

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