October 1, 2007

Poll Results: Which player suit are you?

Results for the poll: Which player suit are you?

  • Diamonds (Achiever): 2 votes
  • Spades (Explorer): 6 votes
  • Hearts (Socialiser) 0 votes
  • Clubs (Killer) 1 votes

This was pretty much the result I expected. As of now I expect my main traffic comes from people at GameDev.net, and game developers are very much the explorer stereotype. I know I’m the kind of person who sometimes buys games just so I can analyse them, sometimes even when I know they aren’t a whole lot of fun. While I don’t play MMORPGs myself I am sorely tempted to try one purely to see what they are like.

I also expected a few Achiever types, as figuring out the optimal way to play is another strong trait I’d expect. No Socialisers, it seems, and one lone Killer type, just to freak me out slightly.

My next poll is one I’ve been waiting to post for a while, and now the Four Elements VI contest has started it’s now its time. For those of you who don’t know GameDev.net’s Four Elements contest, here’s a link to the competition page. It’s basically an annual contest to make a game in six months that contains some of four elements. This year competitors need to choose at least three out of the four elements, “Ponies”, “Accountants”, “Crystals”, “Explosions”.

The relaxing of the rules to allow just three elements plays nicely into the poll topic I had planned - Which 4E6 element do you think is most challenging? I expect there’s a few of you who are planning to enter who have a particular element you feel too difficult to implement or mesh with the other three. I’m interested in seeing which element wins this one, as I’m not particularly confident you’ll agree with me.

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