September 29, 2007

Flash Game #2: Code Breaker

It’s the long weekend, and instead of sleeping in I’ve finished off my second Flash game, Code Breaker. This is from the fourth chapter of the Game University book; the gameplay is essentially the same, but I spend a while modding it extensively to get a feel of how to layout things in Flash.

Here’s the link to Code Breaker

The game is essentially the same as the board game “Mastermind”; the computer chooses a random code of coloured panels, and you have to deduce the code. Click on the grey panels to cycle through colours to make your guess and hit the Done button, then lights will give you clues on the code. A green light indicates you’ve got a coloured panel in the right spot in the order (but it won’t tell you which one!). A red light indicates you’ve got a coloured panel in your guess that’s somewhere in the code, but you’ve put in the wrong spot. You’ve only got ten guesses to try and crack the code.

One thing that mightn’t be obvious is that the default grey panels can be left in your guess, but are never in the secret code. You can use these to your advantage if you only want to focus on a bit of the code at a time.

Tell me what you think; I’m going to start looking into what I’ll make next.

Another link to Code Breaker for good measure

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2 Comments on Flash Game #2: Code Breaker

September 30, 2007

Steve @ 12:12 am:

Nice work! In terms of glitz, you’ve gone much further than your last Flash game did. This one has a really clean (and full :P) interface, and not-too-annoying sound effects. I’m not much of a fan of this type of game, but can definitely recognize the work that was put into it. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what you manage for your 4E6 entry with Flash.

David "Trapper Zoid" @ 10:54 am:

Thanks! In terms of glitz, I think I went a little bit too far for a learning piece. But I thought a Mastermind-type game suited a look like an actual physical device, and I wanted an excuse to play around with Flash a bit more. I’ll probably move more away from the code examples in the Game University book as I go along, as I don’t learn much by blindly following code.

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