September 24, 2007

Poll Results: Cake or Pie?

Although pie took an early lead, cake has sprung ahead in the last few days to narrowly take the win. I’m sure this is all very informative for… something. (I’m a cake guy myself; I’m quite fond of pie, but good quality cheesecake, fruitcake and carrot cake are hard to beat).

I’ve been meaning to put up a more meaningful poll, perhaps something asking about a game I’m making, ideas for the MAGIC contest, or possibly something regarding 4E6. However with the Four Elements contest still not started and my lack of brainstorming into MAGIC I’m forced to put up another more general poll.

This one is based on Richard Bartle’s card suit breakdown of playing styles in MUDs. It’s a good read for anyone interested in online game psychology. While I don’t play MMOs myself I am fascinated by the whole social dynamic of the phenomenon.

For those of you who don’t have the time to read the article, here’s a summary of the breakdown of playing styles:

  • Achievers or Diamonds (treasure-seekers) regard points-gathering and rising in levels as their main goal, with other activites being subserviant to this end.
  • Explorers or Spades (to dig up information) like to figure out how things work, look for interesting features within the game, and push the boundaries of the game.
  • Socialisers or Hearts (for empathy) are interested in other people and what they have to say.
  • Killers or Clubs (to beat people with) like to impose themselves on others, usually in the form of player-killing.
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