September 8, 2007

Poll Results: MAGIC game dev contest: What’s more important?

The final poll results for what is more important for the MAGIC game dev contest:

  • Holding another as soon as possible: 2 votes
  • Improving the contest: 3 votes
  • Waiting for 4E6: 4 votes
  • What’s the MAGIC contest?: 2 votes

Waiting for the Four Elements contest is the winner, but it’s pretty darn close with improving the contest. Given that the Four Elements contest has been confirmed to start some time in September, the prudent thing to do re: MAGIC is to wait to see what flavour this year’s contest takes, how much interest there is in it, and whether a small auxiliary game contest can supplement or compliment it. This means I’ll delay holding the contest to probably November, October at the earliest.

I’m going to try and put some more time into the website this month, so as part of that I’ll try to put up a new poll every week. This week I’ll put some time into brainstorming ideas for improving MAGIC, as that will make a decent poll topic. To tide everyone over, I’ll put up one of the deeper philosophical questions of our age, one that my brother and I both independently submitted to Nintendo’s “Everybody Votes” channel but to my knowledge hasn’t been used yet - which do you prefer: cake or pie?

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September 8, 2007

Jeremy @ 10:00 am:


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