August 21, 2007

New Toys

Sorry about not posting in a while. I’ve been both busy and away visiting family in Melbourne, so I’ve been a bit slack on all fronts. I did though get a little bit of game programming done on my laptop while away, but nothing much to write home about; I’ve dismantled my current game system and I’m in the process of putting it back together again.

I did however use my time in Melbourne to pick up a couple of new toys, both of them art related. First is a new Wacom Intuos tablet. I found a 6×8 one being sold in an educational bundle, so it was only a bit more expensive than the Graphire version. I’ve only briefly tested it with my laptop, but it seems to be very nice.

Secondly, I’ve bought the academic version of Adobe’s CS3 Web Premium pack, which I’m hoping will help my art considerably, even if it’s just the purchase price that compels me to get my money’s worth out of it. I’m really keen on playing around with Illustrator and Flash to see what they can do, and I think Flash will be a great tool to get my feet wet with basic animation, not to mention vector based games.

Unfortunately I’ll have to wait a few days before actually trying out the Adobe software, as the store I was in didn’t have the pack I wanted in stock until today; they called when I was just about to head back to Canberra. I’ll have to wait until it’s shipped up here first before I can use it. But I’m keen on trying it out, even if it does slow down my output for a while as I get to grips with the new software.

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August 23, 2007

Stephen @ 5:42 am:

The masses demand a new poll!

Yes, I’ve fallen a bit behind on the website updates. I’ve been meaning to do a whole bunch of stuff, including think of a new poll. Maybe I can poll for what the new poll should be about?

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