July 30, 2007

Downloadable Game Page

The first version of my downloadable game page is now up at trazoi.net/games. It’s also on the nav bar for easy access. Currently it’s rather spartan and there’s only two games available (Brixtar, and Pierre and the Fish) - I’ll need to fill that out soon with more info and preferably more games!

I spent a while studying the WordPress help pages to figure out the best way to put in something like an archive of downloadable games. In the end though I just tinkered around with pages to get something done. I’m hoping it’s globablly workable; please tell me if something isn’t working right.

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3 Comments on Downloadable Game Page

July 31, 2007

Stephen @ 11:47 pm:

I really like the way the game page(s) are organized; clean and crisp. I can’t wait until even more game entries start to appear, though! :)

(By the way, have you managed to figure out how to set the timezone for your journal? I haven’t managed to locate the option.)

August 1, 2007

David "Trapper Zoid" @ 7:12 am:

Thanks; I’m hoping to get my next game rolling soon now that the website is fairly operational. I’m juggling a few too many things at the moment.

In WordPress you can set the timezone under Options > General; scroll down to the “Date and Time” section and there’s an option called “Times in the weblog should differ by” where you can set the hours before or past UTC for your site.

August 2, 2007

Stephen @ 3:46 am:

Arr, thanks again. :)

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