July 24, 2007

A fresh coat of CSS

As you can see if you’re reading this, I’ve moved the journal to the front page. It seemed to make sense given that currently it’s the only thing here. I’m still up in the air about whether I’ll keep this here or move it into a subdirectory once I put some more content in the site, although I’d like to keep news postings and major updates on the main page if possible.

You have also probably realised that I’ve put in a fresh coat of CSS. After an intense amount of tweaking, I’ve finally got the basics of a journal-style CSS theme up to a presentable level. It’s still not perfect; I’m still playing around with colours, and there’s some glitches with Internet Explorer that I haven’t tracked down yet (seems works fine in Firefox, Opera and Safari, however).

I’ve also installed two plugins that will be a great boon in the future. The first is the Semiologic theme for WordPress. This is a fantastic theme that adds in a lot of functionality to extend WordPress from a piece of blogging software to something more. Although I haven’t yet dug fully into it’s capabilities the amount of tweaking it allows from the dashboard is extensive. It’s great if you don’t want to spend ages mucking about with PHP to do minor changes.

The second is Democracy, a plugin that allows you to run simple Internet polls which you can see on the side of the site. I’ve been wanting have a poll in my GameDev.net journal for ages, because they’re great tools for getting feedback or just having a bit of fun. And now I can. Currently I’m just playing around with them, much like I am with the rest of the functionality here, but eventually I’d start using them for development related purposes.

I’ll continue to add more to this site this week. I hope to get things up to a good baseline by the weekend so I can start posting more on the website than just details about the website.

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3 Comments on A fresh coat of CSS

July 24, 2007

Stephen @ 9:30 am:

Hey David. I have an unrelated question: how does one re-log-in? My admin cookie has since expired, and I can’t find the flipping page where I can log myself back on. D’oh. :)

David "Trapper Zoid" @ 10:42 am:

The login script is called wp-login.php by default (I’m assuming you haven’t changed it). If you installed WordPress in a subdirectory you’ll need to append the name of the directory before you run the script.

Stephen @ 10:09 pm:

Thanks a bunch, David. And the new site looks great!

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