July 20, 2007

Choosing the right tool for the job

After trialling out Joomla! and Drupal over on their test pages and reading through miles of documentation and comments on various CMS systems, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably best if I just use WordPress for my site.

My reasoning is that I just don’t need the full power of a total CMS system. All I really require is some blogging software to post progress, with some static pages for things like articles and game pages (possibly with commenting). WordPress will easily allow me to do all that.

Furthermore, there’s the whole time issue. If I have to choose between spending my time managing a website, or actually doing something worthy to post about on the website, I’d choose the later. From the looks of the more advanced CMS systems I reckon it would take me weeks to get them properly set up, and that’s time I can’t really afford right now.

I’ll start crafting the new site on the weekend. My current inclination is to make the journal itself the front page (since that’s what a regular visitor will be wanting to see), so the location of this journal may change.

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2 Comments on Choosing the right tool for the job

July 21, 2007

John Hattan @ 6:05 am:

So this is superior to blogspot how?

Trazoi @ 8:50 am:

Because I decided to use it?

To be honest, I have not looked into what functionality Blogger can achieve more. But from looking around the Internet I know that WordPress has been used for the sorts of things I’d like to use it for, plus the community appears to be really strong, so it seems good enough to me.

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